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In the former Yogas, it was the experience of the Spirit,

“which is always free & one with the Divine, that was sought....The complete change down to the physical was only sought for by a few & more as a “siddhi” than anything else, not as a manifestation of a new Nature in the earth consciousness.
It is the whole aim of many Yogas to get the realisation of the Atman, or silent Brahman and live in it. In our Yoga it is only the First stage of the realisation of the Divine, and of the growing of the being into the higher or divine consciousness, which we call transformation.
The True Being may be realised in one or both of two aspects – the Self or Atman, and the Soul or Antaratman, psychic being, Chaitya Purusha. The difference is that one is felt as universal, the other as individual supporting the mind, life & body. When one first realises the Atman, one feels it is separate from all things, existing in itself & detached.
When one realises the Psychic Being, it is not like that; for this brings the sense of union with the Divine & dependence upon It and the sole consecration to the Divine alone, the power to change the nature & discover the true mental, the true vital, the true physical being in oneself. Both realisations are necessary for this Yoga.
The three Gunas become purified and refined & changed into their Divine equivalents:
  • Sattva becomes "Jyothi"- the authentic spiritual light;
  • Rajas becomes "Tapas" - the tranquilly intense Divine force
  • Tamas becomes "Sama" - the Divine quiet, rest, peace!
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