Swami Chinmayananda

Infinite Is Love

Infinite is Love! This pure state of love is what all religions declare as God! Where there is no “ego” or sense of “I”, nor any desire or disturbances in the mind anymore, love alone spreads everywhere, you are actually in what the great Upanishads and  Yoga-shastras call the samaadhi avastha.

The joy of Love is the very nature of Reality, the Truth that is Divine!

Love + Desire = Lust, This is the simple arithmetic of Love!

Love unfolds, Lust burns you up

The lust that you & I feel minus desire (expectations) is equal to LOVE. For instance, I love children... I love Humanity, without the distinction of caste, creed or race, is True LOVE.

So, learn to love everybody. Learn to live with Love. Make it a challenge to bend others with your love. Try it. Every cell in you must be able to love with no prejudices, no conditions, no reservations...

Even if you are put on the cross, you must be able to say ”Oh Lord! Forgive them, they know not what they do”. It is their innocence, their childishness. They are not killing me or punishing me. They should not be punished. – Why? I love them”

This kind of total identification with the entire universe of names and forms is the destination of  LOVE.

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