Inauguration of Public Solar Lighting System in Boys Orphanage, NAGAMALAI, MADURAI


1st SEPTEMBER, 2016

DIVYA PRERNA FOUNDATION is a Public Charitable Trust, based in Chennai, established on the 15th July 2011. DPF attempts to promote - sustainable living, in harmony with nature, along with the enrichment of the body, mind & intellect, helping to seek spiritual enlightenment by Divine Inspiration..

As a part of our Mission for Sustainable Living, we donate & instal Solar Lighting Systems in Public Access locations, to demonstrate & promote the use of renewable energy systems.

DPF is proud to Inaugurate its 12th Project today, in the Boys Orphanage & Hostel of Balar Illam in Nagamalai, in Madurai city.

Madurai Guild of Service runs the BalarIllam hostels in Madurai. DPF has already presented Solar Lighting Systems for their Girls Hostels in Thirunagar & Karadikkal. The Treasurer of the Guild Smt Nirmala Venkatapathy, requested DPF during the Inauguration of the Karadikkal system, to provide one such system to the Boys Orphanage/Hostel also, located in Nagamalai, on the outskirts of Madurai. DPF MT agreed to the proposal, subject to Technical & Financial viability.

Mr Nambirajan, Senior Manager, SELCO, Madurai was requested by Managing Trustee DPF Shri V. ParthaSarathy to visit the site with his team & prepare a plan.  SM, SELCO sent a proposal along with photos of the Hostel & the surroundings. This was discussed by DPF and after suitable modifications, and financial estimate, approved for execution. The orders were placed on 16th June 2016.

However later the Estimate had to be revised as the Portable Solar Lights( 360 degrees coverage)ordered on BPL were not available on contract with SELCO, and had to be changed to the Table Light Model. This was incidentally more useful for the Hostel Students to study at nights. The revised Proposal dated 01 July 2016, was hence approved for procurement & execution. SELCO successfully commissioned the system on 18th August, with the Project cost of Rs 73,000 & Madurai Guild of Service contributed Rs 7,000 towards the part cost of LED light fittings.

The system consists of 3 Solar Modules of 60Wp x 12V, Battery Bank of 180AHr, Charge Regulator (15A/12V)and LED Lights – 5W LED Tube lights for study rooms x 5 Nos; 7.2W wall mounting Street light Luminaries x 2 Nos; 8 Nos of Portable LED Table Lights were also ordered for distribution to students for facilitating their movements in the campus at night, as also for study in their hostel rooms.

BalarIllamorganized a formal Inaugural function for the system on 1 September 2016, in their Hostel, and requested DPF & SELCO to participate. Managing Trustee V.ParthaSarathy, participated representing the Trustees of DPF,. The Solar system suppliers & installers SELCO SOLAR, was represented by Mr Nambi Rajan.Senior Manager for TN.

Madurai Guild of Service was represented by its Treasurer Smt Nirmala Venkatapathy & Trustee Smt Indira Subramaniam. The Hostel Warden, Supervisors and Students assembled in full strength. After Welcome by the Warden, Smt Nirmala spoke, and thanked DPF, for acceding to her request on behalf of the Guild to donate a system for Boys Orphange as well.  Then MT DPF Shri V.ParthaSarathy was requested to address the gathering 

DPF Managing Trustee Shri V. ParthaSarathy addressing the gathering in  Balar Illam, Nagamalai

Shri ParthaSarathy, explained the origin & missions of DPF, and remarked that out of the 12 PSLS Projects of DPF, Madurai had the maximum share of 5, and out of that also 3 Projects were for the Balar Illam, in different parts of Madurai. He also thanked the Madurai Guild of Service, for their participation in the Project, by their contribution to meet a portion of the cost of the LED lights. He handed over the System Warranty documents to the Hostel Warden, and also presented the DPF Publication booklet on Shrimad Bhagavad Geetha to the Trustees of the Guild & selected students.

Shri NambiRajan, who later addressed the audience, explained the functioning of the Solar System, and demonstrated the features of maintenance of the Solar system & the Portable Solar Table Lamps.

 Balar Illam Hostel Student using the Solar Table Lamp for study at night.

“Balar Illam”  with the 3 Solar Panels installed on the Terrace & Street Light Luminaries on the Wall

The function concluded with Vote of Thanks by a Hostel Student and they promised to maintain the system well.

The photos taken on the occasion can be viewed in our Website


                        (V.Partha Sarathy)

Managing Trustee, Divya Prerna Foundation                                                                                                 Dated:  1st  September 2016                               

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