Inauguration of Public Solar Lighting System in GIRLS HOSTEL , KARADIKKAL, MADURAI


24th SEPTEMBER, 2015

DIVYA PRERNA FOUNDATION is a Public Charitable Trust, based in Chennai, established on the 15th July 2011. DPF attempts to promote - sustainable & right living, in harmony with nature, and, enrichment of the body, mind & intellect, helping to seek spiritual enlightenment by Divine Inspiration..

As a part of our Mission for Sustainable Living, we set-up & promote Solar Lighting Systems in Public Access locations, to demonstrate & promote the use of renewable energy systems.

DPF is proud to Inaugurate its landmark 10th Project today, in the Girls Hostel, part of BALAR ILLAM, in KARADIKKAL, MADURAI.being run by Madurai Guild of Service

This is the first Project to be inaugurated in this Financial Year 2015-16, and apart from being the TENTH PSLS project of DPF, it has the distinction of participation by 2 more Organisations in this prestigious project – Madurai Guild of Service & Inner Wheel club of Chennai, by their contribution to the cost of 2 Outdoor Lamps, and, 6 Solar Portable Lanterns, respectively, as a part of the Main Divya Prerna Project.

Karadikkal is about 25 kms from Madurai railway station, a lonely suburb, but a well developed campus having 2 hostels for girls, a GirlsSchool, Shri Meenakshi Higher Secondary School, and a small Temple for Shri Karpaga Vinayakar. The Head Master of the School Shri PANDIAN, has dedicated most of his life for the welfare of the school , has set up the temple in the campus. The campus also has a vegetable garden, tendered by the girls, and abounds with many peacocks.

Madurai Balar Illam took the initiative to organise the Inaugural function of the Solar System donated by Divya Prerna Foundation & invited the Trustees with their wives to participate & encourage them in their activities.

DPF Managing Trustee V.ParthaSarathy & Trustee S.G.Subramanian, attended the function with their wives. The Solar system suppliers & installers SELCO SOLAR LIGHT , BENGALURU, was represented by their Tamil Nadu Head Mr Nambi Rajan & Consultant Mr Jeganathan.

The Guests standing below the photos of the Founders of Balar Illam, Madurai. (L to R) NambiRajan, SELCO; SG Suramanian Trustee, DPF and Smt Ramalakshmi Subramanian; Smt Nalini ParthaSarathy; Smt Lalitha, Warden of the Girls Hostel; V.ParthaSarathy, Managing Trustee DPF; Pandian, HM of the School; Dr Jeganathan, Consultant, SELCO

The function was held in the School Auditorium, and was presided over by the Treasurer of Madurai Guild of Service Dr Nirmala Venkatapathy. Mr Pandiam, HM welcomed the gathering, after prayers by the assembled girls. He then invited Mr V.ParthaSarathy, Managing Trustee of DPF to address the audience.

Mr ParthaSarathy in his speech explained the origin, mission, and activities of DPF, and said that this Landmark TENTH project is being inaugurated in Madurai, is significant as 6 of these 10 Projects have been commissioned in & around Madurai. He explained that the Total Project cost of this Solar System is about Rs 75,000, out of which Madurai Guild of Service has contributed Rs 6,000 towards the cost of OD Lamps; and Inner Wheel Club of Rotary Chennai, contributed 6 Solar Portable Lanterns costing Rs 7,800..

The Girls Hostel, Karadikkal Project PSLS P 10 provides for 3 Solar Modules each of 60Wp, 1x12V Battery of 180AHr capacity, 6 LED Tube lights each of 5W for ID lighting, 2 OD Luminaries each of 7.2W, and 8 Portable Solar Lanterns with associated Charging Panel. The order was placed on 08 Aug 2015, and the system was successfully commissioned on 15th Sep 2015. & being inaugurated today.

He talked to the students about our Ex-President Dr Abdul Kalam, who passed away recently, and his advice to the youth, in his last book “Transcendence” to cultivate creative leadership. The Leader should have great inspiration & personal humility.

The key elements of leadership prescribed by Dr Kalam are as follows

1) Mindfulness – Fully conscious awareness of Self & the Surroundings

2) Firm Hope or Faith to meet the challenges ahead in reaching the goal

3) Compassion “a fundamental human experience that sparks both personal renewal and organisational resonance” Shri ParthaSarathy exhorted the girl students to develop leadership qualities as laid down by Dr Kalam, to succeed in life.

Next, Shri Subramanian, Trustee, DPF, addressed the gathering, and advised them to make full use of the facilities and opportunities provided by Balar Illam for their development. Shri Nambi Rajan made a Demo of the Portable Solar Lanterns (charging & Usage) to the students, after it was presented to them. The lanterns will help them to move between buildings in the campus at night, as also can function as a Reading Lamp for their studies..

Dr Jeganathan who spoke next narrated the great work being done by Balar Illam & the generous contribution of DPF of the Solar Lighting System to the Girls Hostel, housing about 220 girls, many of them being orphans.

Dr Nirmala Venkatapathy, Treasurer of Madurai Guild of Service & the President of the Function, thanked DPF for promptly responding to her request in the Thirunagar Inaugural Function to MT, DPF to give them a Solar System for Karadikkal hostel, where the need was more. She also briefly explained about the activities of the Guild of Service & how the Girls Hostel was set up & how many who passed out of the School are in good positions now.

She also distributed Divya Prerna Foundation’s Publication “Panchajanyam Beckons” which gives a preview of Shrimad Bhagavad Geetha meant for the contemporary Global Youth, to selected Senior students.

Dr Nirmala Venkatapathy, Treasurer, Madurai Guild of Service, & President of the Inaugural function, addressing the audience.

The meeting concluded with Vote of Thanks by the Head Master of the School, and all the Invitees also took lunch along with the girls, tasting the good food being cooked in the Hostel.

The photos & video taken on the occasion can be viewed in our Website


                  (V.Partha Sarathy)

Managing Trustee, Divya Prerna Foundation                                                                                   24 September 2015

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