DPF PSLS  P- 09 Inauguration at Girls Orphanage, part of BALAR ILLAM, in Thirunagar, MADURAI on 24-Mar-2015.


DIVYA PRERNA FOUNDATION is a Public Charitable Trust, based in Chennai, established on the 15th July 2011. DPF attempts to promote sustainable & right living, in harmony with nature, and by enrichment of the body, mind & intellect, to seek spiritual enlightenment and Divine Inspiration.. 

As a part of our Mission for Sustainable Living, we set-up & promote Solar Lighting Systems in Public Access locations, to demonstrate & promote the use of renewable energy systems. 

In the short period of about 3 years DPF has established NINE Public Solar Lighting Projects in different parts of TamilNadu, and is proud to Inaugurate the 9th Project today, in the Girls Orphanage, part of BALAR ILLAM, in Thirunagar, MADURAI.

In this FY 2014-15, so far we have commissioned 3 Solar Lighting projects – 

FIRST one in the Shrirama Temple in Vilacheri, Madurai (21 AUG 2014), 

SECOND in the Shriram Nagar P.U Primary School, THENI District (19 NOV 2014).and the 

THIRD being inaugurated today in Balar Illam, MADURAI(24 March 2015)


This Project in Balar Illam is the 9th Project successfully executed by Divya Prerna Foundation, and, Madurai Guild of Service, who are running the Balar Illam, organised a function in the Girls Home in Thirunagar itself, and invited the Trustees of Divya Prerna Foundation to participate in the formal Inauguration on the 24th of March, 2015. 

Managing Trustee V.ParthaSarathy & Trustee S.G.Subramanian, attended the function in Madurai, and the Turnkey System supplier & Installers SELCO Solar Lights Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru, was represented by their Senior Manager Nambi Rajan, based in Madurai.

Girls Home in Balar Illam, MADURAI, with Solar System Panel Installation on the terrace.

The Balar Illam Project provides for 6 Indoor Lights for the Study & Activities Hall, and 3 powerful Outdoor Streetlight Luminaries to light up surroundings, with 2 Solar Modules - one of 50Wp & another of 30Wp - associated Battery & charging arrangements. The system also provides for a Charging Station for 4 Portable Solar Lanterns.

The inaugural function in the Girls Home of Balar Illam was well attended by the Trustees of Divya Prerna Foundation & Balar Illam, all the inmates of the Home, the technical Staff of SELCO. Managing Trustee of DPF Shri .V.ParthaSarathy addressed the gathering. He explained the objectives of Divya Prerna Foundation, activities & achievements. He also explained technical details of the Project, and indicated the Total Project cost as Rs 75,000, and appreciated the participation of Madurai Guild of Service in the Project by contributing Rs 8,400 towards the cost of the 3 Ootdoor luminaries.

Dr.Smt Nirmala Venkatapathy, Treasurer of Madural Guild of Service, who presided over the function thanked Divya Prerna Foundation for their magnificent donation of the Solar System for the Girls Home. She also requested the Trustees of DPF to visit Balar Illam’s another Home in a suburb of Madurai, called Karadikkal, where senior students reside & power outages are more frequent. Her appeal for a Solar System in Karadikkal was promised to be considered by DPF, subject to evaluation of technical & financial viability.

 The photos & video taken on the occasion can be viewed in our Website www.divyaprerna.org

Managing Trustee of DPF V. Partha Sarathy addressing the gathering. Dr Nirmala Venkatapathy of Madurai Guild of Service is seated on his right.

Mr Nambi Rajan Senior Manager of SELCO Solar, Madurai, in charge of their Tamil Nadu operations, explained the technical features of the Solar System. He also demonstrated the functioning of the BPL Portable Solar Lanterns, which can be charged in the Charging Panel of the System, during the day & can be used by the girls in the night, while moving in the campus, or used as a table light to study.

                                                                                             V.PARTHA SARATHY, Managing Trustee