Commissioning of Public Solar Lighting System in SHRIRAMA TEMPLE, VILACHERI,  


MADURAI on 21 Aug 2014

VILACHERI, a very beautiful village offMadurai city, near Thirupparankundram & Theagaraja College of Engineering. boasts of 2 ancient temples - one for Shiva on theVilacheri Main Road, and in the end of the Agrahaaram street, a temple for ShriRama as well..

The temple for Shri Rama as per the stone inscriptions in the temple was built in the year 1406 (over 600 years back). It was last renovated in May 1903 by the villagers. Now after Shri Shri Krishna Premi Swamikal visited the temple, and initiated the process, the renovation & “Kumbabhishekam” was performed under his guidance on 9th July 2014.

However the temple did not have proper electric connection from TNEB, and the devotees were put to lot of inconveniences. Trustees of Divya Prerna Foundation, a Public Charitable Trust based in Chennai, with aMissionof promoting Nature sustainable living, through renewable energy, prompted by SELCO SOLAR, Madurai Senior Manager, Mr Nambirajan, visited this temple during the Inauguration of the Vilacheri Eswaran Kovil PSLS Project P-06 in Feb 2014.

Acceding to the request of the “Thiruppani Kuzhu” for the ShriRama Temple Renovation, the Trustees of Divya Prerna Foundation decided to provide PSLS for this temple also.

The Public Solar Lighting System (PSLS) Project No.P-07 for the Temple, was engineered & planned by DPF, after the inspection of the temple along with SELCO engineers.. DPF placed orders on SELCO SOLAR, BG. on 30 July 2014, providing for 4 DC LED Lamps for the TempleInteriors, with  4 atmospheric protected  Outdoor Lights to cater to the 4 sides of the “prakaaram” or outer periphery of the Sanctum. In addition based on the Temple Committee’s request another Lamp was installed in the Temple Kitchen adjoining the Temple.

SELCO Madurai could successfully supply and complete the Installation & Commissioning on 21st August 2014 itself in time for the main pooja for the deities on the next day.


Renovated ShriRama Temple Gopuram adorned with Solar Lights

TempleThiruppaniKuzhu Secretary Mr T.Kannan, M.D.  Lakshmi Food Products, Madurai, and Mr N.Shankara Narayanan, Treasurer, who coordinated  all activities for the installation, thanked  DIVYA PRERNA FOUNDATION  for providing the Solar Lighting System.

They also requested the DPF Trustees to visit the temple at their convenience, so that the system can be dedicated in the service of Lord ShriRama & SeethaLakshmi. in their presence.

The devotees assembled for the pooja, were also greatly appreciative of the efforts of Divya Prerna Foundation, in providing the Solar Lighting System, thereby ensuring the proper conduct of all theTemplefunctions


                        (V.Partha Sarathy)

Managing Trustee, Divya Prerna Foundation                                                               30 August 2014

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