Inauguration of  Public Solar Lighting System in Easwaran Kovil,  VILACHERI, MADURAI


27 Feb 2014 (Mahashivaratri)

VILACHERI, is a beautiful suburb of Madurai city, near Thirupparankundram & Theagaraja College of Engineering. The Vilacheri main road starts off from Mannar College, winds through fields, and small houses, and the Easwaran kovil is on the left side of the road, an ancient edifice but renovated with new Vimaanams for Kasi Viswanathar & Visalakshi Amman Sannidhis – the two presiding deities of this divine location.

Trustees of Divya Prerna Foundation, a Public Charitable Trust based in Chennai, with aMissionof promoting Nature sustainable living, through renewable energy, prompted by SELCO SOLAR, Madurai Office Head, Mr Nambirajan, visited this temple in Dec 2013. This temple did not have electricity, and the devotees were put to lot of inconvenience.

The Templecommittee members requested DPF to help them out, by providing a Solar Lighting System, so as to help the public worship with proper performance of all poojas & rituals. After due consideration, this was agreed to by DPF.

The Public Solar Lighting System (PSLS) for the School, was engineered & planned by DPF, after the inspection of the temple along with Mr Nambirajan, of SELCO Dec 2013. DPF placed orders on SELCO SOLAR, BG. on 22 Jan 2014, providing for 4 DC LED Lamps for the TempleInteriors, with  4 atmospheric protected  Outdoor Lights to cater to the 4 sides of the “prakaaram” or outer periphery of the Sanctum. The ID and OD lamps are separately served by 2 Solar Systems, to have redundancy & reliability.

SELCO Madurai could successfully supply and complete the Installation & Commissioning on 07 Feb 2014 itself. However the formal Inauguration was fixed for the 27th Feb 2014, on the most auspicious occasion of the “Mahashivaratri” & “Pradosham” evening by 5 PM.

V.Partha Sarathy, Managing Trustee, Divya Prerna Foundation, Chennai, and another Trustee of DPF, S.G. Subramanian attended the function. Nambirajan, Sr Executive, Head of TN Projects, based inMadurai, and his Staff members represented the Equipment Manufacturers.

Temple bathed in Solar Lights


The Pooja commenced at 5 PM the “Pradosham” period, with elaborate 5 course “Abhishekam” of Lord Viswanathar with the chanting of Vedic mantras. “Abhishekam” was also performed for His “Dwara-palaka” or Gate-keeper “Nandideva” simultaneously.

DPF Trustees participating in the Pooja

Temple Management Committee Trustees Mr T.Kannan, M.D Lakshmi Food Products, Madurai, and Mr R.Viswanathan, Advocate & Director, The Madura Hindu Permanent Fund Ltd, coordinated  all activities for the function & took the DPF team to have darshan of ShriRama in anotherTemple dedicated to Him, at the other end of the road.

A Veda Paatashaalaa is also functioning in Vilacheri, at the initiative of Shri KrishnaPremi. of Paranur.

Shri Sankaran, the Head of the Veda Paatashaalaa performed the Special Archana, and Pooja to the Lord & His Consort, on the auspicious occasion of “Mahashivaratri” and “prasadams” were distributed.

The assembled devotees were greatly appreciative of the efforts of Divya Prerna Foundation, in providing the Solar Lighting System, thereby ensuring the proper conduct of all the rituals & poojas in theTemple, with the participation of the devotee-public.

The TempleCommitteemembers thanked the Trustees of Divya Prerna Foundation, and presented them with the “ardhanaareesvaraa”  papier mache dolls, manufactured in Vilacheri (which it came to light is a famous center for such “kolu” the country)



                         (V.Partha Sarathy)

Managing Trustee, Divya Prerna Foundation                                                                                          03 March 2014

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